I was seriously doubting my courage to post it, but, y’know. i may be insecure, but I think that knowing that other people have issues with this, makes me feel slightly better.Basically, I’ve tended to get acne on my shoulders/back. which wouldn’t bug me this much. The issue I have more so is that when I get stressed I will scratch at anything on my skin which isn’t smooth. The red dots you see are scabs/scars/etc from my scratching, that cover my back and shoulders. I spent ages, years, thinking that I was the only one, and nobody else could possibly do that. Then the internet and people I knew came to the rescue, and I realised “actually, yes. People do this, all the time” and I felt slightly more normal (and that is saying something).There are many, many things on my body I dislike. My weight, my figure, my stretch marks, my scars, all the bits and bobs. and that is okay, because slowly, eventually, I’m coming to accept that in my own way, I’m gorgeous. In my own imperfect, human way.So, here’s to revealing yourself to the internet as a deformed self-therapy session.