but I got like four bottles of milk tea for $4 which is awesome (they’re normally $2.20 each).


also fruit drops omnomnom

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Waiting for the bus to go home. I just saw my psychiatrist and he upped my dosage of fluoxetine to 40mg. Hopefully this works. I really don’t want to switch to a new antidepressant.

oh man I really want my first tattoo. I have decided to get it sometime before the end of the year, I think??? Either at the end of the year, ooooor earlier if I get money together and stuff for it. sigh.

I need to figure out placement for the one I think I want first. It’ll be a rat-ish shape creature on my shoulder?? I think? or maybe my back around there or across my shoulder from front to back or on the front of my shoulder or something.

It’s gonna be the rat on my shoulder <3

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mmm, 3-4 hour naps. Now i just feel kinda shit because I slept most of the day away, but at least I’m not so tired I can’t do anything.

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Aww man. Its 2:00am and i have to wake up at 7am and im still not sleepy :<

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BLARGH working on the learning summary report for my programming folio. fuck this shit I LEARNED NOTHING I DONT KNOW WHAT I LEARNED OR ENJOYED NO.
also like, my attendance, what does that say about how I approached the unit: IT SAYS THAT I HAD ANXIETY ABOUT GOING TO FUCKING CLASS. that&#8217;s fucking it. I stayed on track with all my fucking work.
anyway, back to death note and programming shit. My hair is fluffy uwu.
Screeeeech my new mp3 player arrived uwu. Letting it charge then imma update the firmware and music-ify it :D

sobs I just ugh I hate this subject I had video stuff I don’t want to do film I never wanted to do film leave me alone with my computer THATS ALL I FUCKING ASK.

I don’t want to deal with group members I hate group members so much because they’re horrible and fuckwits (sept Giles) but seriously ugh I don’t like other people especially when they fuck around like I have finished a lot of assignments at least a day early this semester and I AM SO HAPPY WITH THAT.

we’re not gonna finish this a day early.

This is upsetting me.

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A video file. The second half of a video file. Which is one of the scenes in our film.

he deleted it.

because he had a bunch of unsorted videos that “Were all just junk” and he deleted them. Like not even just to the recycle bin. Permanently deleted them.

I’m gonna murder him or cry or do both.

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ahaha I finally figured out what mp3 player I want :D this makes me veeery happy.

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ugh I fucking hate texturing SERIOUSLY UGH I AM BAD AT THIS

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