ughhh. A brief, barely coherent rant of mine has been reblogged again. GUYS STOP. SERIOUSLY. If you want to reblog it and complain about me, at least fucking read what I fucking said. Apparently explaining the premise meant that I think men should be able to look at porn in public.

Apparently me complaining about woman who think that EVERY woman wants porn to be illegal and thinks that EVERY woman should agree with them means that I am “Shaming woman who are triggered by porn”.


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Pewdiepie makes more money than a doctor
A hardworking 12 hour shift doctor


Unless you’ve actually TRIED making gaming videos for people on a regular basis you have no right to judge how much money he makes doing what he does. 

If you’re saying that pewdiepie deserves more money making rape jokes and screaming into a camera rather than a man trying to save lives every day, you need to go fuck yourself.

what doctor? from where? Not all doctors are trying to save lives. A dermatologist isn’t really “saving lives” most of the time. They’re a doctor. Not talking about how much money he is making, or whether that is right or wrong, but people do have a right to work and make money.

He has found a way to make money that suits him. That’s all it is. Sure, his jokes may not be funny, whatever. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a right to try and do whatever he wants to make money, as long as it doesn’t break the law or whatever. (bad comedians exist and that is okay, just don’t fucking watch them. If something offends you impersonally, avoid it. If it is offending you personally, destroy it.)

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A reminder about children


You don’t ever want to have kids = okay

You don’t ever want to be in a caregiver role with children (including babysitting) = okay

You don’t think other people should have children = NOT okay

You don’t think other people should have “too many” children = NOT okay

You don’t ever want to see children in public = NOT okay

You don’t ever want to see pictures of children on Facebook or other parts of the internet (and like mocking people who post those pictures) = NOT okay

You think children should always be quiet and/or perfectly behaved in public = NOT okay

You talk about how awful, terrible, or otherwise bad kids are, call them names, are otherwise venomous in your language about kids = NOT okay

(By children I mean anyone from newborn until puberty. Teens fall into a different category and face different attitudes, as a general rule.)

If anyone has more things to add to this list, please do!

I really don’t like this list. You say “think”. I don’t think people should have children, both specifically and otherwise. I genuinely cannot imagine wanting children. Pregnancy disgusts me. am I telling people not to have kids? no. am I stopping people from having kids? no. Why are my thoughts hurting you? Yes children should be well behaved in public. If a child steals my bag or starts pulling on my hair/jewelry/etc, I have a right to be upset.

And in my own personal life, with people I know, I am allowed to talk about how terrible kids are, both specifically referring to children I know, and in general. I don’t *like* children. that is okay.

What I can’t do? go up to people and berate them for having children/too many children/etc, or tell children how awful they are personally. I can’t go up to random people and start talking about how all children are awful, just like how you can’t go up to people and tell them that x religion is awful, or x politician is awful. It isn’t polite.

But you cannot say that my thoughts, opinions, and my language (with people who understand my feelings xor agree with them) are not okay. I cannot change my thoughts. I cannot change my disgust at pregnancy. If I could be okay with pregnancy, I would be. It isn’t a choice that I can’t understand children or change my language to talk to them or be tolerant of behaviors like stealing or breaking objects “because they’re young”.

You can’t say that things I don’t have control over are “not okay”.

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if there is one thing I can’t stand it is my mother ranting about how awful Giles is. Putting this under a read more because it will be long and ranty and horrible

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I hate word limits.

basically, for one of my subjects, we have to write a “game critique” on any game, digital or analogue or whatever. By critique I mean analysis, for example, I’m going to write on either the corruption of society reflected by the corruption of sanity in American McGee’s Alice, or on the lack of knowledge of plot in the game, without the book of notes that came with it. So it’s like, literatureish.

However, it is limited to 500 words.


I could write 2000. But no, 500. If we write more then 540-550, we start losing marks.


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someone in my uni was smoking and a girl I know was giving him shit so I was like “i have far more destructive habits then that, smoking is not the worst thing you could do to relieve stress”

And she was pissy and all “no its the worse things ever if you get stressed you can just eat or bite your nails or something”

… It frustrated the fuck out of me because smoking would probably be better and more consistent than cutting oneself, and not quite as shamed by the general public. 

/end rant.

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rant time.

It really annoys me when people claim porn is a “man’s thing”.

Some twit of a woman got pissy because a guy on a plane was looking at porn on his ipad and she saw. She ranted at him, he put it away. She continued ranting at him, a woman stood up, and told her to shut up because nobody cared.
She freaked out because a WOMAN of all people told her that.

Woman have sex drives. Some woman like watching porn. I know I do.

You hear about how porn is damaging woman’s psyches because “their man” is always watching it, but these anti-porn nutters never say that men are upset because they can’t live up to the male porn stars their girlfriends/whatever are watching?

I don’t believe that banning porn is a good idea, or even possible. But I would prefer if anti-porn nutters (and even people who watch porn) would stop assuming that only men have a sex drive.


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sent a frustrated email to a twit ranting to parents about how piercers don’t tell you or your teenager about the health issues with tongue piercings.

MINE DID. GO SOMEWHERE LEGIT. If you are spending under about 60-70 AUS on a tongue piercing, you are probably (note, probably, underground industries is cheap, but pretty fantastic) are going somewhere dodgy as fuck.

Anyone in Melbourne who wants good piercings, go to The Piercing Urge, they’re expensive because of their internally threaded jewelry, but educate you, and are there to take care of you.


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